Bambet Affiliate Program

Welcome to Bambet Partners, the marketing platform for promoting Bambet Sportsbook and Casino. If you own a website, sports content, or a customer base that is passionate about sports and casinos, you are in the right place to earn commissions every month!

We provide a competitive revenue-sharing model, and you can track your commissions with our live reports through your dashboard.

  1. Sports Content Creation. Use your website, social media, email/messaging, or any other digital technology to send us traffic every day!
  2. Become an affiliate. Create a personal account. It takes no more than 2 minutes, and after a little review, you’ll be ready to get started!
  3. Start promoting. Choose from a wide variety of marketing materials that will appeal to the source of your traffic.
  4. Create an account


Bambet Partners works on a specific revenue-sharing arrangement, so you get a certain percentage of the revenue each month from the users you’ve attracted to Bambet Partners.


  • UP TO 10 PLAYERS 20%;
  • UP TO 11-50 PLAYERS 25%;
  • UP TO 51-100 PLAYERS 30%;
  • UP TO 100+ PLAYERS 35% Casino;
  • UP TO 9 PLAYERS 30%;
  • UP TO 10-19 PLAYERS 35%;
  • UP TO 20-49 PLAYERS 40%;
  • UP TO 50+ PLAYERS 45%.

The more players you bring into the platform, the higher the percentage of your income you earn from those players each month.

The CPA Model

We also provide a CPA model for our partners. Let’s discuss all the details.

Why join Bambet Partners?

As a Bambet Partners, you will be able to earn:

  • Competitive commissions every month;
  • Fast payouts;
  • High and profitable conversion rates;
  • Professional help and support.

Our conditions

Our terms and conditions

We will offer our best efforts to provide you with the full range of materials, information, and assistance you need to become a profitable partner of Bambet Partners.

Payment terms

Commissions are credited monthly at the end, and payments are due no later than the 10th of the following calendar month each month.

Payment of commissions is made using our partner wallet. Consistent with applicable rules, partners may be required to have a KYC withdrawal verification process.


You should not try to profit from traffic that has been obtained sneakily and evilly.

You will not use affiliate links or otherwise list any other digital shares that contain our intellectual property on all sorts of websites (owned by other third parties or otherwise).

You will not use any promotional layout images or creative images (including banners, graphic images, or logos) in which our intellectual property rights are present unless the promotional layout images or creative images have been provided to you by Bambet Partners. Please read carefully the other partnership terms and conditions in this space.

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